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Enjoy Your class at The Class


Welcome to The Class - your place full of activity!

We're glad you're interested in joining our community at The Class studio. Our classes are not just training, they are a journey towards a healthier body and the joy of movement. We offer many classes, for example: 


1. Barre Flow - Immerse yourself in the magic of dance and training! Barre Flow is a combination of ballet and functional training that will strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility. 

2. Skill Class - Discover new skills in your body! Do you dream of doing the splits, a handstand or a headstand? Our Skill Class is a unique opportunity to learn these skills step by step. 

3. Soul Flow - Connect your soul with your body! Soul Flow is a moment of breathing and immersing yourself in delicate, fluid movement. These classes will allow you to break away from everyday stress and focus on the harmony of body and mind. 

4. Stretch Flow - Stretch your body and mind! Smooth, controlled movements will help you improve flexibility, relieve muscle tension and feel relaxed after each session.

"Enjoy Your Class at The Class" - Come, move and enjoy life at its best!

The pass allows you to participate in all classes on the schedule

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Enjoy Your Class at The Class

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